Food for puppies 6 Testimonials
Junior 400g (6 Piece)
Size Price/Base weight Selling price
400g, 6 Piece € 11.30/kg 27.12 €
810g, 6 Piece € 7.40/kg 35.94 €
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Junior 400g (6 Piece)
Junior 400g (6 Piece)
Junior 400g (6 Piece)
Junior 400g (6 Piece)
Junior 400g (6 Piece)

Our puppy food is the perfect start for young puppies: easily digestible beef, only one type of meat for easier digestion and a strengthening of the intestinal flora provide everything they need as they grow.



Completely balanced dog food. Ready to serve, best served at room temperature.

Special features of Anifit meals

  • wholesome meat products containing 90-99% meat or fish
  • contains only meat which has been approved for human consumption
  • contains only natural raw ingredients
  • delicately prepared using a cold filling process
  • home delivery service
  • free from sugar and other flavour enhancing substances
  • free from soya and corn
  • free from preservatives and colourings
  • free from attractants and fillers
  • free from animal meal
  • free from plant and cereal flours
  • no animal testing


List of foodstuff

Beef muscle meat
52 %
Beef lung
31 %
Beef spleen
7 %
Beef liver
4 %
Total meat
94 %
Salmon oil 2 %
Rice 1 %
Calcium 1 %
Share < 1 %
sunflower oil, phosphate beet fibre, inulin
2 %
Total 100 %


Meat and animal-by-products, grain (rice), vegetable by-products, minerals, yeast

Analytical components

9 % crude protein, 7 % crude oils and fats, 0.5 % crude fi bres, 2.5 % crude ash, 79 % moisture, 2 % NfE (~carbohydrates), 0.27 % calcium, 0.23 % phosphor, 0.11 % sodium

Lab results 20.9.2023

Moisture 79,1 %
Potassium 0,64 %
Magnesium 0,02 %
Chloride 0,29 %
Iodine 0,50 mg/kg
Copper 5,09 mg/kg
Iron 145 mg/kg
Zinc 23,3 mg/kg
Manganese 15,5 mg/kg

Vitamins are volatile ingredients, so it does not make sense to specify them. However, it is ensured that sufficient vitamins are present in the product (fulfilment of requirements).

Additives (nutritional additives per kg)

Copper (as Copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate) 1 mg, Zinc (as Zinc sulphate monohydrate) 12 mg, Mangananese (as Manganese(II) oxide) 2 mg, Iodine (as Calcium iodate, anhydrous) 0.6 mg

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation (daily ration):

Dogs with 2-5 kg: 100-200 g
Dogs with 6-25 kg: 200-600 g
Dogs with 26-40 kg: 600-800 g

For a precise calculation of the feed amount, contact your Anifit advisor or use the Anifit Food-Calculator.

Q & A

Is the food suitable for puppies?

Yes, the nutritional values of this meal fulfil the requirements for puppies. You can find more information on feeding puppies in our tip "Puppy - moving into a new home"

What is the shelf life of the food?

Once the tin has been opened, it should be used within two days, as all our meals deliberately contain no preservatives. Storing the product in the fridge helps to keep it as fresh as possible: our practical snap-on lids are ideal for keeping the odour in the tin and protecting the product. However, please do not feed the food cold, but slightly warmed (e.g. by pouring some hot water over it). Not only does this taste better to the animals, it also makes the meal easier to digest.

Is it possible to freeze the product?

If you freeze the product immediately after opening, this is possible.

What is the calcium-phosphorus ratio?

The values for phosphorus and calcium can be found under the analytical ingredients in the "Composition" tab. It is important that the calcium value is always higher than the phosphorus value.

Is the food low in purine?

Anifit meals are characterised by a high meat content and therefore also contain purine. The average value of uric acid in Anifit meals is approx. 80 mg/100g. We recommend our low-purine flakes as low-purine flakes.

Which animal by-products does Anifit use?

The ingredients we use are listed in the list of ingredients for each dish. We only use rumen, heart, liver, chicken stomachs, carcasses, spleen, lungs, gullet and rumps.


All-in-one feed for dogs (puppies)

Available in 400g, 810g sizes

Produced in Sweden

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Food for puppies 6 Testimonials
Size Price/Base weight Selling price
400g, 6 Piece € 11.30/kg 27.12 €
810g, 6 Piece € 7.40/kg 35.94 €