Charity Box Dog "Anifit Tierhilfe" doubles your charity

Charity Box Dog (1 Piece)
Charity Box Dog (1 Piece)
1 Piece
30.00 €


As support in the Ukraine war Anifit offers together with Anifit Tierhilfe a charity box. Anifit Tierhilfe e.V. doubles your donation, that will be shipped to an animal shelter of your choice.

The charity box costs 30 euros, together with the contribution from Anifit Tierhilfe it has a product value of at least 60 euros. Additionally, Anifit Tierhilfe covers the shipping costs of the product. That means that the animal shelter will receive a product value of more than 60 euros of quality pet food through your donation. The animals thank you for the great food!

Composition of the box

3 cans Witwe Boltes Schrecken 810g
3 cans Zum Goldenen Ochsen 810g
3 cans Thanksgiving Day 810g
3 cans Schäfers Pfanne 810g
2 cans Falscher Hase 810g

Choose your animal shelter

You decide which animal shelter should be supported. The only requirement is that the animal shelter must be recognized by the tax authorities as a s non-profi organisation and must be based in Germany or Austria.

Donation receipt

You will receive a copy of the delivery slip to the animal shelter via mail, which lists your donation, the product value und a list of all products. As the animal shelter is the recipient of the donation, please contact the animal shelter for the donation receipt.

Animal shelters (suggestions)

List of animal shelters

  • Bundled direct delivery of packages by Provital to animal welfare institutions in Poland/Romania/Hungary. Please enter "Provital" as chosen animal shelter.
  • Hundehilfe-Ukraine e.V., Wilsickower Str. 17, 17309 Jatznick-Blumenhagen